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Music Calendar




Thurs Jan 4th ~ Todd Robbins
Fri Jan 5th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat Jan 6th ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs Jan 11th ~ Marc Muller
Fri Jan 12th ~ Brue Crew
Sat Jan 13th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs Jan 18th ~ DC Duo
Fri Jan 19th ~ Salt Bros
Sat Jan 20th ~ Geoffrey Myers Trio
Thurs Jan 25th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri Jan 26th ~ Brue Crew
Sat Jan 27th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio


Thurs Feb 1st ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri Feb 2nd ~ Mike Dalton Band
Sat Feb 3rd ~ The Vinyl Band
Thurs Feb 8th ~ Marc Muller  
Fri Feb 9th ~ Todd Robbins
Sat Feb 10th ~ Salt Bros
Thurs Feb 15th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri Feb 16th ~ Brue Crew
Sat Feb 17th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs Feb 22nd ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Feb 23rd ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat Feb 24th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio


Thurs March 1st ~ Salt Brothers
Fri March 2nd ~ Enjoy Trio  (Cancelled due to weather)
Sat March 3rd ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs March 8th ~ Todd Robbins
Fri March 9th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat March 10th ~ Todd Robbins
Thurs March 15th ~ Brendan from Enjoy
Fri March 16th ~ Brue Crew
Sat March 17 ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs March 22nd ~ Ron Nowak Duo
Fri March 23rd ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat March 24th ~ Geoffrey Myers Trio
Thurs March 29th ~ Todd Robbins
Fri March 30th ~ Salt Brothers
Sat March 31 ~ Brue Crew


Thurs April 5th ~ Tom Vincent
Fri April 6th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Sat April 7th ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs April 12th ~ Brendan from Enjoy
Fri April 13th ~ Todd Robbins
Sat April 14th ~ Marc Muller Duo
Thurs April 19 ~ Barry Jason
Fri April 20th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Sat April 21st ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs April 26th ~ Salt Brothers
Fri April 27th ~ The Graduates
Sat April 28th ~ Brue Crew


Thurs May 3rd ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri May 4th ~ Mike Dalton Band
Sat May 5th ~ Todd Robbins
Thurs May 10th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri May 11th ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat May 12th ~ Brue Crew
Thurs May 17th ~ Todd Robbins
Fri May 18th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Sat May 19th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs May 24th ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri May 25th ~ Paul Heaney Band
Sat May 26th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Thurs May 31st ~ Tom Vincent


Fri June 1st ~ Brue Crew
Sat June 2nd ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs June 7th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri June 8th ~Sandy Mac Trio
Sat June 9th ~ Marc Muller
Thurs June 14th ~ The Graduates
Fri June 15th ~ Todd Robbins
Sat June 16th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs June 21st ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri June 22nd ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat June 23rd ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Thurs June 28th ~ Marc Muller
Fri June 29th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat June 30th ~ Brue Crew


Thurs July 5th ~ Joe Petillo Duo
Fri July 6th ~ Salt Bros.
Sat July 7th ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs July 12th ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri July 13th ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat July 14th ~ Jeff Brown
Thurs July 19th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri July 20th ~ Brue Crew
Sat July 21st ~ Todd Robbins

Special Guest Appearance
Wednesday July 25th ~ Frank Fotusky

Thurs July 26th ~ Marc Muller
Fri July 27th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Sat July 28th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues


Thurs Aug 2nd ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Aug 3rd ~ Salt Bros
Sat Aug 4th ~Mike Dalton Band
Thurs Aug 9th ~ Tom Vincent
Fri Aug 10th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Sat Aug 11th ~ Geoffrey Myers Trio
Thurs Aug 16th ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri Aug 17th ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat Aug 18th ~ Todd Robbins
Thurs Aug 23rd ~ Marc Muller
Fri Aug 24th ~ Todd Robbins
Sat Aug 25th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Thurs Aug 30th ~ Brendan From Enjoy
Fri Aug 31st ~ The Vinyl Band


Sat Sept 1st ~ Mike Dalton Band
Thurs Sept 6th ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Sept 7th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Sat Sept 8th ~ The Vinyl Band
Thurs Sept 13th ~ Todd Robbins
Fri Sept 14th ~ Geoffrey Myers Trio
Sat Sept 15th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Thurs Sept 20th ~ Marc Muller
Fri Sept 21st ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Sat Sept 22nd ~ Brue Crew
Thurs Sept 27 ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri Sept 28th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat Sept 29th ~ Greg Cuozzo & Peter Myers

*****Guinness Glass Engraving 12pm til 1:30!!!*****


Thurs Oct 4th ~ Paul Marino
Fri Oct 5th ~ Mike Dalton Band
Sat Oct 6th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Thurs Oct 11th ~ Joe Petillo
Fri Oct 12th ~ Todd Robbins
Sat Oct 13th ~ Brue Crew
Thurs Oct 18th ~ Marc Muller
Fri Oct 19th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Sat Oct 20th ~ Salt Bros
Thurs Oct 25th ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Oct 26th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat Oct 27th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio


Thurs Nov 1st ~ Brendan from Enjoy
Fri Nov 2nd ~ Mike Dalton Band
Sat Nov 3rd ~ Paul Marino Band
Thurs Nov 8th ~ Greg Cuozzo
Fri Nov 9th ~ Enjoy Trio
Sat Nov 10th ~ Pete Tonti Duo
Thurs Nov 15th ~ Marc Muller
Fri Nov 16th ~ The Vinyl Band
Sat Nov 17th ~ Brue Crew
Wednesday Nov 21st (Thanksgiving Eve) ~ Todd Robbins
Fri Nov 23rd ~ Paul Heaney Trio
Sat Nov 24th ~ Geoffrey Myers Trio
Thurs Nov 29th ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Nov 30th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio


Sat Dec 1st ~ Paul Marino Band
Thurs Dec 6th ~ Tom Vincent
Fri Dec 7th ~ Sandy Mac Trio
Sat Dec 8th ~ Chris Plunkett Trio
Thurs Dec 13th ~ Ed Bowlby
Fri Dec 14th ~ Brue Crew
Sat Dec 15th ~ Todd Robbins

*****Sun Dec 16th ~ Santa is Coming!!!*****
12pm-4pm Kids 12 and under Eat Free!!!

Thurs Dec 20th ~ Brendan from Enjoy
Fri Dec 21st ~ Mike Dalton Band
Sat Dec 22nd ~ The Vinyl Band
Thurs Dec 27th ~ Marc Muller
Fri Dec 28th ~ Paul Marino Band
Sat Dec 29th ~ Regina Bonelli Blues
Mon Dec 31st New Year's Eve ~ BC McGowan



2 Tacos (your choice of Beef, Chicken, Pork, Soft Shell or Hard)

with Spanish Rice


20 Roasted Clams,

Herb Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans

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